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Welcome to Mindelo - Sao Vicente Island – Cabo Verde


The pleasure of living the Ocean...

The interpretation of the day... The choice of the equipment...

Hook up... Adrenaline... The Big Game starts!!!

 Logo fishing Center


Where we are


Our location is in Sao Vicente Island (N 16.53,310 –W 24.59,523)

The new headquarters of the center is located at the SPORT FISHING CLUB, adjacent to the entrance of the great harbor in the picturesque bay of Mindelo. An easy walk from our proposed accommodations.

A new structure, a comfortable bar and a popular restaurant to relieve everyone before and after fishing trips.


 logo marina




Mindelo Mindelo 
 Mindelo - Lajinha  Mindelo - Praia do Norte


Mindelo mercado Mindelo pescatori 
 Mindelo carnival  Mindelo carnival
Useful info

Passport and visa: a valid passport is required, usually your travel agency will provide the mandatory visas

Vaccinations: not required

Time zone: minus one hour GMT

Telephone: the international prefix for calling Cabo Verde is 00238 + number

Currency: local currency is the Cabo Verde Escudo (ECV) corresponding more or less to 0,009 Euro

Credit card: credit card use is not yet widespread. In the bank offices and in some shops VISA and MASTERCARD cards are accepted.

Language: the official language is Portuguese, what it’s currently spoken is Criolo. Italian is widely used.

Climate: dry tropical climate, rains almost unheard of; medium temperature 26° C.

Clothing: light clothes in every season; something warmer and windproof for the evening.

Souvenir: music CD and cassettes, products in coconut, terracotta, wood; colourful batik fabrics and foodstuffs like S. Nicolàu tuna, the St. Antào Grogue and Ponche.

Religion: catholic

Social organization: independent republic, politically stable and without social discords.

Food: based above all on fish; typical dish is the CACHUPA, a soup with fish, maize, meat and vegetables.


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