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Giorgio welcomes you in this beautiful fishing spot!

 Giorgio Assolari

Capt. Giorgio Assolari

Mystic Blue mystic 2
Mystic Blue 41"

Mystic Blue is a 41" Express Jersey Cape powered by twin 450 CV Caterpillar engines. Fully equipped with the best equipment Furuno navigation system, Release Marine fighting chair, tuna tubes, and all the necessary fishing materials of the highest.  The cabin is equipped with all the comfort you would need. Mystic Blue has a 100 sq. ft. cockpit and over 200 gallons of fish box space. A spacious center-line raised helm allows an un-obstructed view. There is a very nice main helm, with all the layout around, and a fantastic view to look around waiting for the bites, with the Captain. The fishing tower with a second helm atop is a major advantage in searching for fish and great for watching the action. 

It's many years we fish in these waters, animated day after day by our passion for fishing, for sailing in a sea emerald green and full of fish, to spend unforgettable days of fishing.

Our center is open all year and has boats fully equipped to perform the various techniques proposed. Big Game at Blue Marlin, trolling, vertical jigging, drifting, bottom fishing and deep bottom fishing.

General fishing information

The particular location of Mindelo allows you to choose every day the best spots, such as North Mindelo, San Pedro, San Antao, Sao Nicolau, North West Bank, according to the migration of fish and sea conditions. The boarding is carried out from the jetty of the Sport Fishing Club in Mindelo bay, adjacent to the entrance of the commercial port and easily accessible on foot from the accommodations we propose.

The trips "Big Game Blue Marlin" starting from March until October are only full day and last for 8/10 hours depending on the chosen spot and includes lunch on board with sandwiches, fruit and drinks. From mid-July to the end of November you can make half-day exits fishing with light trolling, jigging, bottom fishing and deep bottom fishing. For half-day exits it's not including lunch on board.

We organize from July to November special fishing packages of 3 or 4 days intensive for lovers of the vertical jigging or big game with the possibility of the "Living on board". These offers can be found in the section "Special Packages".

On arrival in Mindelo I suggest conducting a briefing at the Sport Fishing Club for the completion of registration procedures and the planning of the exits, depending on the weather.

In the event that the weather does not allow to carry out the program of fishing days previously agreed, your departure can vary if possible and subject to availability.

Exits not made, and by mutual agreement cancelled due to adverse weather conditions shall be reimbursed.

Exits not effected for other reasons not dependent on our center (example: excessive drunkenness, late or no-show) will not be reimbursed.

To book your fishing trip

We advise you to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use a REGISTRATION FORM ONLINE (you'll find it in the upper right corner of each page). We will answer as soon as possible.
To best respond to your request, you first need to decide and tell us:

  • which discipline / activities you want to do (Big Blue Marlin game - trolling - bottom fishing - deep bottom fishing - jigging)
  • which discipline / activities you want to perform (Big game - trawling - bottom fishing - Jigging)
  • the type of boat depending on the number of people occupying the same boat
  • the type of boat you prefer (Boca Raton - Amelia II - Victoria)
  • the number of people occupying the boat (Boca Raton max 3 pax - Amelia II & Victoria max 5)
  • the number of exits that would like to do
  • the date and duration of your stay

From experience, we always recommend not to carry out immediately the first day of your arrival, especially for those arriving at night. Do not worry, the lost day will be gained in health in the following days.

We fishermen...

Cabo Verde is a little paradise, where for several years still industrial fishing exploiting fish resources will not exist. For this reason it’s up to us, game fish operators, to protect and enforce the respect of some simple rules.

A fishing holiday in the tropics does not means a devastation of them and a catching of tons of fish for the only purpose of few trophy pictures.

We all are fishermen, and for this our commitment, in this splendid reservoir of infinite emotions and adventure, it is to safeguard this wonderful hot spot:

  • respecting local regulations
  • fishing in the respect of sport ethics using techniques offering loyal confrontation with the fish
  • releasing the fish, in particular the small ones, offering them the opportunity of reproduction and so surely ensuring for us more passionate future games

These simple behaviour rules show love and respect for the Ocean and they are an investment for the maintaining of our wealth of today in the future.

We of the “Fishing Center” believe in the conservation of billfish and, in collaboration with “The Billfish Foundation”, we’ll ask you to release your billfish,

Those fishermen releasing their billfish will be awarded with a “tagging report”, a release certificate attesting the catch of your fish. This certificate will be your real trophy.

Only if the fish would be damaged during the fight, of it’s a “Grander”, the billfish will be brought to the island.

Thank you in advance. 

Giorgio Assolari - Zak Conde - Marco Canu - Samir Rahal


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